Patrik Pöta Andersson (guitar), Albin Héden (drums) and Mattias Käck (bass) where a well-oiled unit by the time they managed to track down Michael Bratell (vocals) who was, like everything else days, easily found on the internet.


Having worked together for over a year the powerful trio had only recenty began looking for a singer. When they found their man early last year (2015), they wasted no time, having already written a selection of post-stoner-grunge post-songs without any lyrics or vocal melodies. Much to the bemused amusement of Michael.


After starting playing together as a fourpeice things quickly fell into place. Michael just had to go live in Rome for a few months first but there wasn't any big rush. LEDJELLY soon began in earnest comitting songs to tape and - in the privacy of their own studio space - slowly hammered out what was to be their first set list, the first couple of singles and the rest, as they say, is salty licorice.



LEDJELLY is a wild animal, a pagan monstrosity that should probably be kept locked in a cage. We strongly advice against going to see them live if you are a minor, unless you're accompanied by an adult, prefferably a adult of the gentle sex (who's single). But one and all are obviously welcome to the shows. Hey, if you're going to play it safe, have some milk and cookies and just listen to the singles!



LEDJELLY formed in 2014 at a party. It's basically been ongoing ever since with breaks for snacks.


After finding a singer (with a sufficient ego) the first gig was in in Spain where a local TV-station made time to interview LEDJELLY and the new line-up was broken in on a Calatayud stage, much like a wild horse. The humid night ended in a fist-fight and everyone woke up the next day with a big smile on their face.


Several gigs in Sweden, radio interviews, local press- coverage, a US mini-tour, and not least two singles later, the band is building up for the much anticipated debut album which will probably end in another fist-fight followed by smiles and cries.




LEDJELLY wants to celebrate the inner crab inside everyone. They want to make America great again. They would also like to join the Légion étrangère but that's another story.


LEDJELLY believes in shooting dice first and asking questions later, searching with their good eye closed, using only the third eye in the middle of the pyramid and continue honing their craft, finding any excuse for celebrating intoxication, their love of females and - of course - the birth of tragedy out of the spirit of music.



This homepage is mainly a watering hole for those whose thirst for everything-LEDJELLY isn't quenched by our usual mainstays; our facebook- and instagram-pages. Feel free to look around here, you lucky ones who've managed to find this treasure on the net. If this gets boring just hassle us on our private facebook pages or try going outside for a few hours.

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